What is Sarasota County’s
Homeless Outreach Team?

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department Homeless Outreach Team is comprised of two deputies and two civilian case managers. Their goal is to work towards addressing the issue of homelessness by providing resources, contact, and/or housing through individualized case management, ultimately providing long-term solutions which help both the individual and the community. The team receives referrals from the community and patrol deputies. You can contact the homeless outreach team at using the contact information on this page. Homeless outreach deputies and case managers will contact the individual to encourage and educate them about local services that are available.


Homeless Outreach Team’s
Services & Functions

Some of the services and functions H.O.T perfoms include:

  • Connect homeless citizens with social services including mental health counseling, substance abuse programs, veteran assistance programs, and more.
  • Connect the homeless with the HOT Bed Program at the Salvation Army Sarasota.
  • For long-term solutions, H.O.T. may facilitate support through the Sheriff’s Housing Initiative Facilitating Transient Services, or ‘SHIFTS’ transitional housing program in North Port.


Homeless Outreach Team
Contact Information

For non-immediate outreach or follow-up requests,  email: HOT@SarasotaSheriff.org

Bill Spitler
Homess Services Coordinator

Shelley Williams
Case Manager

Leah Hayes
Case Manager

More Information at:

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office website.