Meeting Agenda


  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Crime Stats Officer Hicks

Old Business

  • Welcome and intro of new board members.
  • a cleaning group will be pressure washing this Saturday – the Monica letters in preparation to repaint white; the 27th St pillars so they can be painted and remove some OLD graffiti on the west pillar at Gocio. We have 2 volunteers to paint letters once paint is purchased.
  • Now that we cleaned remaining graffiti off Monica entrance sign and replaced bulbs again the brd is discussing priority of needs at Monica and getting estimates for work. Input from attendees?

New Business

  • Website overhaul- Christopher
  • Association meetings will be monthly this year
  • Hoping to restart committees- specifically safety Patrol, Welcome, and Beautification.

Action Items

  • Discuss future association meeting for February 2nd, 2021. Possible speakers, Code enforcement? Flood info?
  • Entrance Wreaths ordered for next holiday season.

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 5th, 2021

Kensington Park Civic Association Membership Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:01pm by President John Hackemer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Board members in attendance included: John D Hackemer III – President; John Heine – Vice President; Christopher Austin – 2nd Vice President; Pat Becker – Treasurer; and Dan Nolan – Secretary.

Secretary Report for December 8, 2020 membership meeting was presented by Dan Nolan.

Treasurer Report was presented by Pat Becker. The report included detailed figures for expenditures (electric, water utilities, and other miscellaneous expenses), monies received (dues and donations), and current balances of the checking, savings, and certificate of deposit accounts.

President John Hackemer introduced the new 2nd Vice President, Christopher Austin, and the new Secretary, Dan Nolan.

Old Business – President John Hackemer provided an update on clean up happening on Saturday January 9th and others can join if they desire. Also, there was a mention of potential cleaning of Gocio entrance. An action item was taken for John to call Brad H and Jack (property owners) to get access to two properties water. An open floor was presented to hear from members on potential Monica entrance upgrades. Mentions were made of hardscaping/boulders and lighting. There was an ask if there were any electricians if lighting was done.

New Items – Christopher Austin gave an update for the KPCA website design. It was called out that there will be an association meeting the first Tuesday of every month in 2021. It was also asked if there would be anyone who would want to participate in re-starting a few committees: security, beautification, and welcome committees.

Action Items:

  1. Update on the crime statistics and issues with motor bikes under the power lines, streets, park area, and canal areas
  2. Update on flood areas and insurance
  3. Update on the neighborhood park construction
  4. Have further discussions on the speeding issue in the neighborhood

Next membership meeting to be held on February 2, 2021.

Meeting adjourned at 7:59pm.