Kensington Park Newsletter

Package A

  • Print Version
    • Business Card Size
    • Landscape or Portrait
    • Approx. 3in X 2in
  • Website Version
    • 3:2 or 2:3 aspect ratio
    • Website version will include a “Follow” link to a website or social network page.



Package B

  • Print Version


    • 1/4 page
    • Portrait Only
    • Approx. 4in X 5in
  • Website Version
    • 4:5 aspect ratio
    • Website version will include a “Follow” link to a website or social network page.


Package C

  • Print Version


    • 1/2 page
    • Landscape Only
    • Approx. 8in X 5in
  • Website Version
    • 8:5 aspect ratio
    • Website version will include a “Follow” link to a website or social network page.


Business Card Advertising Example
Quarter Page Advertising Example
Half Page Advertising Example

Actual Ad positions & layout will vary.

Publishing Formats

Each edition of the Kensington Park Newsletter is published and distributed in 3 formats: Print, Email, and Website Post.

  • Printed Newsletter: hand-delivered to over 1100 homes.
  • Email Newsletter: A simplified version emailed to over 300 recipients.
  • Website Newsletter: Posted in our Newsletter blog category with a link from our home page for 4 months (or until the next issue is released), and available in our online archives.

Publishing Dates

The Kensington Park newsletter releases three editions annually:

  • New Year’s edition released in January.
  • Spring edition released in May.
  • Fall edition released in September.

Position & Placement

Specific page placement and page positions for ads is the sole discretion of the Kensington Pack Civic Association newsletter designers. These decisions are based on many conditions including content volume, content dimensions, and available space. If you have a preference of page placement or postion please let us know. If we can, we will try to accommodate your wish.

Ads are not placed on the front or back outside covers.

Other Details

Each advertising package purchase includes one (1) ad placement in each of the 3 versions (print, email, web) of one (1) edition of the KPCA newsletter. For example, if you purchase Package 2 for the Fall edition, you get a 1/4 page ad in the print newsletter, a jpg version of that ad in the corresponding website newsletter version, and a text listing with a link in the email version to be published in September of that year.

Design Specifications

Each ad package includes one graphic ad in the print and website newsletter versions. Your ad must be submitted in 2 versions: one for print and one for digital as outlined below.

Print Newsletter Ads

Grayscale: All print ads are printed in grayscale. It is advisable that you send your print ad already in grayscale. If your print ad is sent in color, we will convert it to grayscale and can not guarantee quality.

Format: PDF or JPEG formats only.

Size: Minimum of 300 DPI and sized to 100%.

Website Newsletter Ads

Digital ads should be submitted in the same aspect ratio of their corresponding print ad, but within the below size limitations.

Color: Website newsletter ads can be in color.

Format: JPEG format only.

Size: 50k maximum size.


Advertising Request Form

Advertising Package

In Which Edition Would You Like Your Ad Published?

If you would prefer to mail this form to us, please print this page from your computer (Control + p) and mail to:
P.O. Box 52574
Sarasota, FL 34232

Advertising Limitations, Restrictions, and Caveats

Kensington Park Civic Association reserves the right to deny any service to anyone for any reason.

Kensington Park Civic Association reserves the right to approve all advertising designs, copy, and content.

Some business types are not eligible for advertising opportunities including, but not limited to, services and products related to pornography or adult activities, alcohol or drugs, and firearms or weapons.

Advertising details were last updated on July 25, 2021. These details are subject to change. Please contact the Kensington Park Civic Association to confirm current advertising prices and details.