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Florida Butterfly

April 18th Event:
LifeLines Yard Walk

On April 18th at 2pm, Kensington Park’s very own Pam Callender will be hosting a Yard Wak of her property. Why is that interesting? Because Pam is building a Pollinator Pathway and wants to help you build one, too.

 Learn More About The Yard Walk

Date: April 18th – Time: 2:00 pm – Location: 2908 Parandor Place

Kensington Park

Civic Association Meeting

Neighborhood Park Update

We had a very informative meeting with representatives from Sarasota County on April 6th. They provided updates on where the county is at with the planning and implementation of our pending neighborhood park.  Check back soon as we will have more info on what happened at the meeting.

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March, 2021

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2021 KPCA
Meeting Schedule

The KPCA Membership meeting:
First Tuesday of each month at 7pm.

  • January 5th
  • February 2nd
  • March 2nd
  • April 6th
  • May 4th
  • June 1st
  • July 6th
  • August 3rd
  • September 7th
  • October 5th
  • November 2nd
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