Get To Know Your Neighborhood:
Take A Walk.

Taking a walk around your block, or several blocks, is a good way to get to know your neighborhood — and your neighbors. Most of us drive wherever we go, and we miss a lot by doing so. Slowing down and walking enables you to take a good look at things, things you probably never noticed before. Whether it’s an attractive plant in somebody’s yard, or an impressive tree, or a flock of ibises — these are features of your neighborhood that are worth seeing and appreciating. Also, stop and take a look at the sky. Clouds are closer to the ground in Florida, and the result is some impressive cloudscapes. More importantly, the people you meet walking are likely to be your neighbors. Stopping to chat makes it easy to make new friends. Since many walkers are out to exercise their dogs, you make animal as well as human friends.

Walking is a good way to exercise, so you not only get outdoors among your neighbors, you also get some valuable health benefits for your body. And you show that Kensington Park is a safe place for walkers, and may even show potential mischief-makers that a busy occupied environment is not a good place to look for trouble.

Kensington Park Sign

See It, Hear It,
Report It.

A safe neighborhood starts with the neighbors. If you witness or experience things like speeding cars or reckless driving, lost dogs, a burglary that has already occurred, or vandalism, call the Sarasota County Sheriff dispatch.

Call this number or tap from your phone.

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March, 2021

Yard of the Month

Yard of the Month for March, 2021 is on Dudley Place. Click image to enlarge, or… See More Pictures Here!

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